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Every technological era has a convergence point.

You have to orient yourself to be in the right place at the right time.

Imagine yourself in the 1970s’ Silicon Valley when people like Jobs and Wozniak started to utilize integrated circuits to build the first consumer-grade computers. Fast forward to the 1980s and the creation of the first user-friendly software. In the 1990s the Internet was introduced culminating with giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. In 2012, Deep Neural Networks were proven useful giving a boost to NVidia, and in a way, later to Tesla. …

Can we create AI models to predict macro-economic trends?

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Not too long ago, the prediction of the weather was a hit or a miss. The joke was that the TV weather forecaster was carrying an umbrella on what was to be supposedly a nice day. Today, we can model the weather patterns very accurately for several days into the future.

Similarly, given enough relevant data, including market indicators, human behavioral patterns, and current events and the “black swan” events, we should be able to model the macro-economics.

Today, Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant are sometimes useful, sometimes fun, but honestly very limited. When we ask my personal digital assistant a question, we get a generic answer or, worse, a generic Web search result. Considering that the companies that made them have enormous resources it is really surprising.

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Apple Siri

In the age of Covid-pandemic, many people spent months locked up away from society. …

The performance is a function of motivation, let me explain.

Let’s start with the original meaning of performance. In the early days of computing, they had isolated mainframes with dummy terminals. The performance was limited by the processing power, and the memory available for the number of user tasks being executed. In the early era of the PC, the same was true, except most of the time, you had only a single-user with multiple tasks. You could run a text editor, a spreadsheet, and play the solitaire game at the same time. …

In this post, I am considering an emerging alternative to fulfill the computational needs of the modern company, the Apple M1 platform. This post is written from the machine learning developers’ point of view.

Most of the “cloud” servers run on the Linux operating system. Linux is primarily a command-line platform. You can cut down on a lot of computing power if you connect to your servers via a command-line terminal (i.e. ssh) to send all instructions as text. This works computational wonders, and it is very stable. …

A friend sends you a link to a video, you watch it and say “Wow, that’s nuts, it cannot be true!”, then, another similar video arrives, and then another. Slowly, your perception starts changing, only if unconsciously.

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, headquarters of Google, Twitter, Facebook, and most social media.

I have never thought I had a problem with recommendation algorithms offered by Google News, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix, and for that matter Medium, too. I try to stay focused on the smart and balanced topics and my “feeds” mostly reflect it. So I thought.

Then, I noticed that every time I stray into something like politics, or any other polarizing subject the social media latches to it like a drowning man to a liferaft and tries to force-feed me the new subject. …

It has worked for me well, and I hope it will work for you, too.

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Uki in Harman Connected Car (Maserati)


I have written this post a while ago as a personal reminder. Since then, I visit it every few months and add all these things that seem important.

Manage the Distractions

In today’s world, distractions abound. As you are reading it, I am distracting you from what you really should be doing.

Every day, there are hundreds of social media posts, great ideas, gadgets, and personal messages competing for your attention.

There is a whole advisory industry, especially on YouTube, making loads of money by telling us what to think and what to buy. …

In this article, I am describing an alternative way of thinking about machine learning and in the extension the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

Most scientific papers focus only on a singular machine learning model to solve a specific problem. The media and literature, with the omnipresent robots, reinforce that mental shortcut of self-contained AI.

For me, that all-encompassing, über-model approach to the machine learning problems is not practical, the biology can pack more petabytes of data per gram of living mass than anything humans are able to create. …

Recently, I have read and heard (several times now) about a study stating that neither intelligence (IQ), nor any other skill test can predict child’s success, except for the “cookie” test.

When the researchers asked children “You can have a cookie (or any other treat) now, or you can wait and get two later.”, the kids that are able to the delay gratification happen to be more successful in later life.

It is crucial that we constantly train ourselves and our children to be able to delay gratification (i.e. …

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I realize that most people spell his name “Genghis Khan,” however, I prefer to use his phonetically derived name, "Chinghis Khan" to which I got accustomed as a child. Whatever we call him does not matter, we are talking about the same big guy.

Both my wife and I, are history buffs with the particular fondness for biographies. We went thru a period when we have read everything possible written on Mongol empire.

It would be a great material for a separate article to explain why you should study history, especially biographies. Let's just say that "If you do not study history you ought to repeat it." …


Uki D. Lucas

System Architect, ADAS / AD @ Harman / Samsung.

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